Feedback and Support

Bugs in Magellan

For us as Developers the error messages are a good start when tackling a problem. These can be found in the errors.txt file in the Magellan folder; please include these error messages if you have a problem with Magellan. To reproduce an error it may prove necessary to send in (an excerpt of) the used CR. These CRs are of course handled confidentially, and will be deleted after the issue has been resolved.

Please refer to this page if you want to report errors:

Feature wishes = further development

We try to develop Magellan according to the wishes of its users. Our bug tracker helps enermously in this, because all feature wishes are centrally and publicly available.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for Eressea Clients,, where all changes to Magellan are announced. Through the mailing list anyone that is interested can join in the discussion about the program, ask questions about its use or request help with problems.

If you send a mail to the list without being subscribed to it you should mention this, because otherwise the answer will most likely just be sent to the list again, and not to the sender.

To subscribe to the list, you need a Google Account. The website above helps you creating this account.


On IRC-Net in channel #eressea you can often find developers and users. If not, you can always take comfort in our channelbot Magrathea.