Interface Initializable

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    EMapOverviewPanel, Mapper, MapperPanel, Minimapper, RegionShapeCellRenderer

    public interface Initializable
    This interface is used to allow certain desktop configurations to have different component configurations. This is implemented through config strings. These strings are stored in the magellan_desktop.ini/magellan.ini in the desktop configuration data. A component is initialized with the initComponent(String) method. This is done each time the desktop configuration(e.g. layouts, split sets etc.) changes. Before this call the current configuration will be retrieved through the getComponentConfiguration() (if this is not the very first init) and stored.
    • Method Detail

      • initComponent

        void initComponent​(java.lang.String configuration)
        Initializes the component according to the given string.
      • getComponentConfiguration

        java.lang.String getComponentConfiguration()
        Returns the current configuration of this component. This may use any characters except "," and ";".