Class ListCompletionGUI

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    public class ListCompletionGUI
    extends AbstractCompletionGUI
    completion GUI that shows a list of entries in a floating window.
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      void cycleCompletion​(javax.swing.text.JTextComponent editor, java.util.Collection<Completion> completions, java.lang.String stub, int index)
      sets the currently selected index in the list
      boolean editorMayLoseFocus()
      Since Java 1.4 this cannot happen.
      boolean editorMayUpdateCaret()
      Returns false.
      Completion getSelectedCompletion()
      Returns the currently selected Completion object.
      int[] getSpecialKeys()
      If this GUI needs some special keys the Key-Codes con be obtained by this method.
      java.lang.String getTitle()
      Returns the name of this CompletionGUI.
      void init​(AutoCompletion ac)
      Initialize this GUI for use with the given AutoCompletion.
      protected void insertCompletion()
      Inserts a completion triggered by the Choice list
      boolean isOfferingCompletion()
      Should return true if this GUI is currently offering a completion to the user.
      void offerCompletion​(javax.swing.text.JTextComponent editor, java.util.Collection<Completion> completions, java.lang.String stub)
      Called the advice this GUI to offer the given completions in the given Editor to the user.
      void specialKeyPressed​(int key)
      When AutoCompletion recognizes a special key of getSpecialKeys(), this method is called with the key found.
      void stopOffer()
      Called when this GUI should stop offering completions.
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