Class BookmarkManager

    • Constructor Detail

      • BookmarkManager

        public BookmarkManager​(EventDispatcher dispatcher)
        Creates a new BookmarkManager object.
    • Method Detail

      • getShortCuts

        public java.util.Iterator<javax.swing.KeyStroke> getShortCuts()
        Description copied from interface: ShortcutListener
        Should return all short cuts this class want to be informed. The elements have to be of type javax.swing.KeyStroke
        Specified by:
        getShortCuts in interface ShortcutListener
        Iterator over all short
      • shortCut

        public void shortCut​(javax.swing.KeyStroke shortCut)
        Description copied from interface: ShortcutListener
        This method is called when a shortcut from getShortCuts() is recognized.
        Specified by:
        shortCut in interface ShortcutListener
      • toggleBookmark

        public void toggleBookmark​(java.lang.Object o)
        Bookmarks the given Object o, if it has not already been bookmarked. In this case o is deleted from the bookmark list.
      • toggleBookmark

        public void toggleBookmark()
        Equivalent to toggleBookmark(getActiveObject()).
      • addBookmark

        public void addBookmark​(java.lang.Object oo)
        Differs from toggleBookmark in that way that it guarantees, that o is in the bookmark list after the call
      • clearBookmarks

        public void clearBookmarks()
        Removes all bookmarks
      • jumpForward

        public void jumpForward()
        Jumps to the next bookmark by firing the corresponding selectionevent.
      • jumpBackward

        public void jumpBackward()
        Jumps to the prior bookmark by firing the corresponding selectionevent.
      • jump

        protected void jump​(int direction)
      • getBookmarks

        public java.util.List<Bookmark> getBookmarks()
        Returns the list of all bookmarks
      • getActiveObject

        public Selectable getActiveObject()
        Returns the currently active (i.e. selected elsewhere) object.
      • getActiveBookmark

        public int getActiveBookmark()
        Returns the value of activeBookmark.
        Returns activeBookmark.
      • setActiveBookmark

        public void setActiveBookmark​(int activeBookmark)
        Sets the value of activeBookmark.
        activeBookmark - The value for activeBookmark.
      • getDialog

        public BookmarkDock getDialog()
        Returns the value of dialog.
        Returns dialog.
      • setDialog

        public void setDialog​(BookmarkDock dialog)
        Sets the value of dialog.
        dialog - The value for dialog.
      • setActiveObject

        public void setActiveObject​(Selectable activeObject)
        Sets the value of activeObject.
        activeObject - The value for activeObject.
      • saveBookmarks

        public void saveBookmarks()
      • loadBookmarks

        public void loadBookmarks()