Interface Completer

    • Method Detail

      • getCompletions

        java.util.List<Completion> getCompletions​(Unit u,
                                                  java.lang.String line,
                                                  java.util.List<Completion> old)
        Get order completions for the order line and Unit u. If old is null or empty, all possible completions matching (i.e. starting with) line should be computed. Else, the method may just return all completions in old matching line.
        u -
        line -
        old - A list of completions or null.
        The list of all Completions matching line.
      • getParserTokens

        java.util.List<OrderToken> getParserTokens()
        If this completer has an OrderParser and it has been used to find completions, this method returns the tokens read by the parser.
        The list of tokens of this Completer's OrderParser, or null.