Class EresseaPostProcessor

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    AllanonPostProcessor, E3APostProcessor

    public class EresseaPostProcessor
    extends java.lang.Object
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    • Constructor Detail

      • EresseaPostProcessor

        protected EresseaPostProcessor()
    • Method Detail

      • postProcess

        public void postProcess​(GameData data)
        This method tries to fix some issues that arise right after reading a report file. It scans messages for herbs, removes dummy units, creates temp units and tries to detect if resources should be set to zero because they are not in the report.
        data -
      • resolveWraparound

        public static void resolveWraparound​(GameData data)
      • setUpIDMap

        public static java.util.Map<java.lang.Long,​Region> setUpIDMap​(GameData data)
      • postProcessAfterTrustlevelChange

        public void postProcessAfterTrustlevelChange​(GameData data)
        making changes to the data after changing trustlevels