Interface GameSpecificStuff

    • Method Detail

      • createGameData

        GameData createGameData​(java.lang.String name)
        Return a GameData object for the specified game
        name - The game name (like "Eressea", "E3", ...)
        A new, empty GameData object
      • getGameDataIO

        GameDataIO getGameDataIO()
        this somehow never got used (or implemented)
        DOCUMENT-ME Warning: Not implemented
        A game data reader for this game
      • postProcess

        void postProcess​(GameData data)
        Processes a GameData object augmenting objects with additional information from messages, simplifying the GameData structure, creating temp units as distinct objects etc. Note that this method requires the classes Locales and Translations to be set up properly so the order translations can be found.
        data - the GameData object to process.
      • postProcessAfterTrustlevelChange

        void postProcessAfterTrustlevelChange​(GameData data)
        For TrustLevels. TODO DOCUMENT ME! Long description.
        data -
      • getRelationFactory

        RelationFactory getRelationFactory()
        Delivers a game specific RelationFactory
      • getMovementEvaluator

        MovementEvaluator getMovementEvaluator()
        Delivers a game specific MovementEvaluator
      • getOrderChanger

        OrderChanger getOrderChanger()
        Delivers a game specific OrderChanger
      • getOrderParser

        OrderParser getOrderParser​(GameData data)
        Delivers a game specific OrderParser
      • getMessageRenderer

        MessageRenderer getMessageRenderer​(GameData data)
        Delivers a game specific Message Renderer
        data - - A GameData object to enrich the messages with names of units, regions ,...
        the MessageRenderer for rendering ONE Message
      • getOrderWriter

        GameSpecificOrderWriter getOrderWriter()
        Returns a game specific order writer. This writer provides some additional informations for a game specific order.
      • getGameSpecificRules

        GameSpecificRules getGameSpecificRules()
        Returns a game specific rule manager.
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the name of the game this stuff belongs to.
      • getTransformers

        ReportTransformer[] getTransformers​(GameData globalData,
                                            GameData addedData,
                                            UserInterface ui,
                                            boolean interactive)
        Returns a pair of transformers that transform coordinates from the global data and the added data to coordinates in the merged report.
        globalData -
        addedData -
        ui -
        interactive - if true, the user may be asked question about the selection of the correct transformer. Otherwise it is tried to determine the correct transformer automatically.
        A pair of transformers, the first one for the original report, the second one for the added report. Or null if no good transformer can be found.
      • getCombatStates

        java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​java.lang.String> getCombatStates()
        Returns a map of possible combat states.
        A map whose keys are internal values used in Unit.getCombatStatus() and values are resource keys.
      • getParser

        ReportParser getParser​(FileType aFileType)
        Returns a reader for parsing reports of the given FileType.
        The parser or null if no parser applies to the file type
        Throws: - if an I/O exception occurs
      • getOrderReader

        GameSpecificOrderReader getOrderReader​(GameData data)
        Returns a reader for parsing order files
        The parser or null if order reading is not supported.