Class MapMergeEvaluator

    • Constructor Detail

      • MapMergeEvaluator

        public MapMergeEvaluator()
    • Method Detail

      • getDataMappingVariants

        public java.util.Collection<DataMapping> getDataMappingVariants​(int level)
      • getLevelMappingVariants

        public java.util.Collection<LevelMapping> getLevelMappingVariants​(int fromLevel,
                                                                          int toLevel)
      • getMappingEvaluator

        public MappingEvaluator getMappingEvaluator​(int level)
      • getDataMappings

        public final java.util.Collection<Score<CoordinateID>> getDataMappings​(GameData fromData,
                                                                               GameData toData,
                                                                               int level)
        This is the main function that should be called from outside to retrieve possible mappings.
        fromData - - GameData
        toData - - GameData
        level - - the level/layer in which the mapping should be estimated
      • getLevelRelation

        public final LevelRelation getLevelRelation​(GameData data,
                                                    int fromLevel,
                                                    int toLevel)
        This method should not be called directly, as results of calling this method are cached in the corresponding GameData object. Please call data.getLevelRelation(fromLevel, toLevel) instead.
        data -
        fromLevel -
        toLevel -
        A relation between the specified levels, or null if no mapping can be determined
      • getLayers

        public static java.util.Set<java.lang.Integer> getLayers​(GameData data)
      • getTransitivMapping

        public final CoordinateID getTransitivMapping​(GameData fromData,
                                                      GameData toData,
                                                      int layer,
                                                      CoordinateID mapping)
        Calculates a mapping by comparing the GameData.getLevelRelation(int, int) from the two given reports.
        fromData - the first report
        toData - the second report
        layer - the layer for which a translation is requested
        mapping - a mapping of another layer of the two reports.
        A mapping of layer or null if none can be found.