Class AtlantisOrderCompleter

    • Method Detail

      • cmplt

        protected void cmplt()
        Description copied from class: AbstractOrderCompleter
        Called to produce the basic completions when token has been read. Adds completions for user-defined commands.
        cmplt in class AbstractOrderCompleter
      • cmpltId

        public void cmpltId()
        Add completion for an ID.
      • cmpltNumber

        public void cmpltNumber​(int min,
                                int max)
        Add completions for a number between min and max (inclusively).
      • cmpltAttack

        public void cmpltAttack()
      • cmpltItem

        public void cmpltItem​(StringID... exclude)
      • cmpltMache

        public void cmpltMache()
      • cmpltKeyword

        public void cmpltKeyword​(StringID... keys)
      • cmpltDirection

        public void cmpltDirection()