Class E3AMessageRenderer

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    public class E3AMessageRenderer
    extends EresseaMessageRenderer
    A Renderer for Eressea Messages Messages in Eressea look like this: MESSAGE 350568592 5281483;type "Whio (whio) übergibt 10 Silber an Darin Jerekop (djer).";rendered 1515696;unit 10;amount "Silber";resource 631683;target The rendered tag can be rendered by this Renderer using the Message, the Messagetype and Translations Messagetypes look like this: MESSAGETYPE 5281483 "\"$unit($unit) übergibt $int($amount) $resource($resource,$amount) an $unit($target).\"";text "economy";section
    1.0, 28.11.2007
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        public E3AMessageRenderer​(GameData gd)