Class SkillType

    • Constructor Detail

      • SkillType

        public SkillType​(StringID id)
        Creates a new SkillType object.
    • Method Detail

      • getCategory

        public SkillCategory getCategory()
        Returns the skill category.
      • setCategory

        public void setCategory​(SkillCategory sc)
        Adds this skill to the specified category.
      • setCost

        public void setCost​(int cost)
        Sets the default cost of this SkillType to cost. If no level cost ist specified, this value will be returned by getCost.
        cost -
      • setCost

        public void setCost​(int level,
                            int cost)
        Sets the cost of learning to level to cost.
        level -
        cost -
      • getCost

        public int getCost​(int level)
        Returns the cost of learning to level. If no costs have been set, the default is 0.