Interface Regions.RegionInfo

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    public static interface Regions.RegionInfo
    Holds shortest-path relevant information for a region.
    • Method Detail

      • getDistance

        int getDistance()
        Returns a distance value that is used to limit the search horizon.
      • getRegion

        Region getRegion()
        Returns the info's region.
      • getID

        CoordinateID getID()
        Returns the id this info belongs to.
      • setVisited

        void setVisited()
        Marks region as visited.
      • isVisited

        boolean isVisited()
        Returns if region is visited.
      • getPredecessor

        CoordinateID getPredecessor()
        Returns the region that caused the last distance decrease.
      • setPredecessor

        void setPredecessor​(CoordinateID pred)
        Sets the predecessor.
      • isInfinity

        boolean isInfinity()
        Returns true if the region's distance is infinity.
      • setInfinity

        void setInfinity()
        Sets the distance to infinity.
      • distString

        java.lang.String distString()
        Returns a string representation of the distance.