Class ReportMerger

  • public class ReportMerger
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper class.
    • Field Detail

      • globalData

        protected GameData globalData
      • dataReport

        protected magellan.library.utils.ReportMerger.ReportCache dataReport
      • reports

        protected magellan.library.utils.ReportMerger.ReportCache[] reports
      • iProgress

        protected int iProgress
    • Method Detail

      • merge

        public GameData merge​(UserInterface aUI,
                              boolean sort,
                              boolean interactive,
                              boolean async)
        Start merging
        aUI - A user interface for indicating progress, displaying messages etc.
        async - If true the merging will be started in a new thread.
        sort -
        interactive -
      • translateReport

        protected GameData translateReport​(magellan.library.utils.ReportMerger.ReportCache newReport,
                                           Score<CoordinateID> bestTranslation,
                                           Score<CoordinateID> bestAstralTranslation)
        Translate the report in two layers.