Interface CacheableOrderEditor

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    public interface CacheableOrderEditor
    This is a wrapper for the OrderEditor that is part of the Client package.
    1.0, 27.04.2007
    • Method Detail

      • formatTokens

        void formatTokens()
      • setUseSyntaxHighlighting

        void setUseSyntaxHighlighting​(boolean bool)
      • setTokenColor

        void setTokenColor​(java.lang.String styleName,
                           java.awt.Color color)
      • reloadOrders

        void reloadOrders()
        Refresh the editor's contents.
      • requestFocus

        void requestFocus()
      • setBackground

        void setBackground​(java.awt.Color activeBgColorConfirmed)
      • hasFocus

        boolean hasFocus()
      • setBorder

        void setBorder​(javax.swing.border.Border border)
      • setKeepVisible

        void setKeepVisible​(boolean b)
      • isModified

        boolean isModified()
      • removeCaretListener

        void removeCaretListener​(javax.swing.event.CaretListener caretAdapter)
      • removeFocusListener

        void removeFocusListener​(java.awt.event.FocusListener focusAdapter)
      • removeKeyListener

        void removeKeyListener​(java.awt.event.KeyListener keyAdapter)
      • setFont

        void setFont​(java.awt.Font font)
      • setCursor

        void setCursor​(java.awt.Cursor cursor)
      • getBounds

        java.awt.Rectangle getBounds()
      • fireOrdersChangedEvent

        void fireOrdersChangedEvent()