Class StringIndexReplacer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ParameterReplacer, Replacer

    public class StringIndexReplacer
    extends AbstractParameterSwitch
    A Switch that compares the following to elements by their String replacement. Possible replacers are evaluated by forwarding the Switch object and iterator. If these two are not evaluatable(list too short) or only on of them is null the Switch stays active. Note that if both are null the switch is inactive!
    • Field Detail

      • ignoreCase

        protected boolean ignoreCase
        If the String comparism should be done with regarding to the case this property is false, else true.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StringIndexReplacer

        public StringIndexReplacer()
        Constructs a default String Compare Switch that is case-sensitive.
      • StringIndexReplacer

        public StringIndexReplacer​(boolean iCase)
        Constructs a String Compare Switch with the given sensibility for case.