Magellan Help

Magellan is a complete client for Eressea. You can view your map, search, give orders, and you almost only need to leave the program to send mails to your allies. Almost...

This documentation is built up around the following chapters:

In the JavaHelp version there are some additional tables and descriptions of the orders from the Eressea manual. These may, however, not be complete or completely up-to-date. When in doubt use the official rules at

Unfortunately this documentation is incomplete. Several parts are missing or have to be expanded on. It may also happen that this documentation is not completely up-to-date, since Magellan is under constant development. If you miss anything, leave us a note at the Magellan bug tracker. Of course any kind of help is welcome. The most important resource for recent information is our Website:

Thank you

to Stefan Götz and all other Magellan-developers for a very cool Eressa-client and the support for this online help and to Matthias Müller, who helped me with texts and tests.


This documentation was put together with the greatest care. Even so, the authors can not take responsibility for any errors or misinformation within it, or any damages that may occur through the use or non-use of this documentation. So whatever happens, dear reader: It's your own fault!

This documentation is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL).

Mark Gerritsen (english translation), Doetinchem, the Netherlands, 03/15/2008