Interface GameSpecificOrderWriter

    • Method Detail

      • useChecker

        boolean useChecker()
        Returns true, if this game specific order writer uses a syntax check tool like ECheck.
      • getCheckerName

        java.lang.String getCheckerName()
        Returns the name of the Syntax Checker like "ECheck" or "ACheck".
      • getCheckerDefaultParameter

        java.lang.String getCheckerDefaultParameter()
        Returns a list of default parameters for the Syntax Checker. The parameters are used, if no parameters are set.
      • setGameData

        void setGameData​(GameData gameData)
        Sets the GameData to write.
      • setFaction

        void setFaction​(Faction selectedFaction)
        Sets the faction whose orders to write.
      • setRegions

        void setRegions​(java.util.Collection<Region> regions)
        Set set of regions whose unit orders are written.
      • setECheckOptions

        void setECheckOptions​(java.lang.String options)
        Sets option used by ECheck order checker (or similar). Requires faction to be set.
      • setConfirmedOnly

        void setConfirmedOnly​(boolean selected)
        Write only confirmed orders.
      • setAddECheckComments

        void setAddECheckComments​(boolean selected)
        Write comments used by ECheck order checker.
      • setRemoveComments

        void setRemoveComments​(boolean semicolon,
                               boolean slashslash)
        Remove transient (semicolon type) and permanent (// type) comments.
      • setWriteUnitTagsAsVorlageComment

        void setWriteUnitTagsAsVorlageComment​(boolean selected)
        Writes unit tags as commments, usable by the Vorlage tool.
      • setForceUnixLineBreaks

        void setForceUnixLineBreaks​(boolean forceUnixLineBreaks)
        Enforce that only Unix-style linebreaks are used. This is necessary when writing to the clipboard under Windows.
      • setGroup

        void setGroup​(Group group)
        Set a group. Only orders of units in this group are written.
      • write

        int write​( stream)
        Writes the faction's orders to the stream. World and faction must be set, possibly using setGameData(GameData) and setFaction(Faction).
        stream -
        The number of written units
        Throws: - If an I/O error occurs
      • write

        int write​( stream)
        As write(BufferedWriter), but using a plain writer.
      • addOrderWriterPlugin

        void addOrderWriterPlugin​(OrderWriterPlugIn plugin)
        You can use this method to add a OrderWriterPlugIn to the internal list of known OrderWriterPlugIns.
      • removeOrderWriterPlugIn

        void removeOrderWriterPlugIn​(OrderWriterPlugIn plugin)
        You can use this method to rmove a OrderWriterPlugIn from the internal list of known OrderWriterPlugIns.