Class XMLGameDataIO

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    public class XMLGameDataIO
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements GameDataIO
    An unfinished class for reading GameData from XML files.
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      GameData read​( in, GameData world)
      Unfinished class!
      GameData read​(FileType aFileType, Rules rules)
      Reads a new GameData object from aFileType.
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      • XMLGameDataIO

        public XMLGameDataIO()
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      • read

        public GameData read​(FileType aFileType,
                             Rules rules)
        Description copied from interface: GameDataIO
        Reads a new GameData object from aFileType.
        Specified by:
        read in interface GameDataIO
        aFileType - Provides the input file (reader).
        rules - This game is expected to be found.
        a new GameData object, representing the input.
        Throws: - If an I/O error occurs