Class MovementRelation

    • Field Detail

      • unknown

        public boolean unknown
      • rounds

        public int rounds
      • invalidRegion

        public Region invalidRegion
    • Constructor Detail

      • MovementRelation

        public MovementRelation​(Unit u,
                                Unit transporter,
                                java.util.List<CoordinateID> initialMovement,
                                java.util.List<CoordinateID> futureMovement,
                                boolean unknown,
                                Region invalidRegion,
                                int rounds,
                                int line)
        Creates a new MovementRelation object.
        u - The source unit
        transporter -
        initialMovement -
        futureMovement -
        unknown - path passes through an unknown region
        invalidRegion - path passes through an invalid region for the unit's mode of movement
        rounds - number of rounds for the unit to complete the path
        line - The line in the transporter's orders
    • Method Detail

      • getMovement

        public java.util.List<CoordinateID> getMovement()
        Returns the value of movement.
        Returns movement.
      • getInitialMovement

        public java.util.List<CoordinateID> getInitialMovement()
        Returns the value of initialMovement.
        Returns initialMovement.
      • getFutureMovement

        public java.util.List<CoordinateID> getFutureMovement()
        Returns the value of futureMovement.
        Returns futureMovement.
      • getDestination

        public CoordinateID getDestination()
        Returns the value of destination.
        Returns destination.
      • getTransporter

        public Unit getTransporter()
        Returns the value of transporter.
        Returns transporter.
      • add

        public void add()
        Description copied from class: UnitRelation
        Attaches an order to all report objects it is relevant to.
        add in class UnitRelation