Class ExtendedCommandsPlugIn

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      void actionPerformed​(java.awt.event.ActionEvent e)  
      protected void clearCommands()  
      javax.swing.JMenuItem createContextMenu​(EventDispatcher dispatcher, GameData data, UnitContainer container, java.util.Collection<?> selectedObjects)
      Creates a JMenuItem.
      javax.swing.JMenuItem createContextMenu​(EventDispatcher dispatcher, GameData data, Unit unit, java.util.Collection<?> selectedObjects)
      Creates a JMenuItem.
      protected void editCommands​(GameData data, Unit unit)
      Opens a Dialog for editing the commands for the given Unit.
      protected void editCommands​(GameData data, UnitContainer container)
      Opens a Dialog for editing the commands for the given Unitcontainer.
      protected void editLibrary​(GameData data)
      Opens a Dialog for editing the library.
      protected void executeAllCommands​(GameData data, UnitContainer container)
      Executes the commands for a given unitcontainer.
      protected void executeCommands​(GameData data, Unit unit)
      Executes the commands for a given unit.
      protected void executeCommands​(GameData data, UnitContainer container)
      Executes the commands for a given unitcontainer.
      java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.awt.Component> getDocks()
      Returns a list of dock elements or null, if the PlugIn has no docks.
      static javax.swing.JMenuItem getExecuteMenu()  
      ExtendedCommands getExtendedCommands()
      Returns the current ExtendedCommands instance.
      java.lang.String getListenerDescription()
      Returns a (localized) description (or name) for this listener.
      java.util.List<javax.swing.JMenuItem> getMenuItems()
      Returns the menu items that should be added to the Magellan PlugIn menu.
      java.lang.String getName()
      Returns the Name of the PlugIn.
      PreferencesFactory getPreferencesProvider()
      This method is used to find out, if the PlugIn has a preferences dialog that should be used inside the options window of Magellan.
      java.lang.String getShortcutDescription​(javax.swing.KeyStroke stroke)
      Returns a short description for the specified thing...
      java.util.Iterator<javax.swing.KeyStroke> getShortCuts()
      Should return all short cuts this class want to be informed.
      void init​(Client client, java.util.Properties properties)
      This method is called during client start up procedure.
      void init​(GameData data)
      This method is called every time the user has loaded a file into Magellan (open or add).
      void quit​(boolean storeSettings)
      This method is called whenever the application stops.
      void shortCut​(javax.swing.KeyStroke shortcut)
      This method is called when a shortcut from getShortCuts() is recognized.
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