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FogOfWar-Update Plugin

Name: FogOfWar-Update Plugin
Version: 0.2
Description: Changes the lifting of the Fog of War (FoW), ignores sources of information.
Author: Fiete
Website: --

"Normal" Magellan will lift the FoW only, if units of priviliged factions have passed a region.
If a report from a non-priviliged faction is added to the main report, regions for which we have full information in the added report will have the FoW not lifted, because of the priviliged-status.
With this plugin a region, for which we have enough information, will loose itīs FoW. Thatīs independent from the source of the information.

From Version 2.0.6 probably Magellan 2 will have this behaviour too. If soo, this plugin is not needed for versions 2.0.6 and later.
It will only change something in older versions (2.0.5 and before).

FoW Update Example 1 Old behaviour:
The white cross marks the way of a friendly ship. Allthough we have full information after report merging about the 2 ocean regions in the south, the FoW of these regions is not liftet.
FoW Update Example 2 New behaviour:
If we have the information - we lift the FoW. Itīs not important, from which source we have this information.