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On this page you can find all available downloads for Magellan. Except for Magellan 1.x, all JAR files are executable. Magellan 2.x, and the plugins are divided into multiple files that can be installed in any directory (for example also on a USB stick).


From version 2.1.0 (build 752) on, after downloading the installer for your operating system, simply run the executable file Magellan_installer...

The installer will install all necessary files and, if you want, links on your desktop and the start menu. To execute Magellan, simply use this link or run the file magellan_launcher in the magellan directory You may edit the file magellan_launcher.vmoptions if you have special needs, for example with regards to memory. Usually this isn't necessary.

Up to and including version 2.0.9 you have to install Java first, then run the Magellan installer by simply double clicking the file magellan_vX.Y.Z.jar or running the command java -jar magellan_vX.Y.Z . You would then run the Magellan itself by using the links or starting magellan.bat or

A Java version is installed by the installer if necessary. You can find more information on Java on the main page.

Our installer has been generated by the multi platform installer builder install4j.

Download Magellan 2.x

Here you can find the current stable release of Magellan2.x. This version is recommended for all users and mostly stable. In the CHANGELOG you can find all the changes since the last release.

Version: 2.0.6-685
Status: 08.11.2019 11:02:14 +00:00

Nightly Build

Here you can find the latest version of Magellan 2.x. This version is compiled whenever we make changes, and it may be unstable. So it is recommended for developers and beta testers only. In the CHANGELOG you can find all changes made since the last build.

Version: 2.1.0-791.rc
Status: 08.02.2022 13:14:32 +00:00

Download Magellan 1.x

The development of the old Magellan client has stopped because of the huge amount of changes in the new release. It's not possible to transfer every necessary patch to this version. The latest version is 1.2.5h.

You can download the latest version at SourceForge.

Download Plugins

Here you can find some plugins that are available directly from this server. Additional versions might be available on GitHub

Download Tools

Next is our tools-section. For now, these tools are available for download: