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MapIcons Plugin

Name: MapIcons Plugin
Version: 0.96 (Magellan 2.0.5)
1.41 (Magellan nightly)
Description: Specific messages are visualized on the map
Autor: Fiete
Website: --

This plugin searches the region- and factionmessages and displays bigger sized icons over the proper regions on the map.
The icons and according messages are shown below.
Using the plugin-menu or the shortcut CTRL + M the icons can be toggled.

MapIcon Battle A battle took place here.
MapIcon Monster Monsters or/and undeads are moving around.
MapIcon Bad Monster Extremely dangerous and bad monsters or/and undeads are here!
MapIcon Hunger Starving units need help.
MapIcon Special Events Take care of region-messages!
(Wormholes, units appear and disappear)
(Diseases... and a lot more)
MapIcon Dieb Alert! Some thiefs managed to steal silver - or at least had tried to do so.
MapIcon Bewachung Freund This region is guarded by friendly forces. Great!
MapIcon Bewachung Feind Some unfriendly people guarding this region (at least none of the priviliged factions has HELP GUARD to them). Take care!
MapIcon Leere Burg Here is an empty castle. Should we enter ?!
MapIcon Enemy In this region are units from a faction on the List of enemies.
The List of enemies can be formed from a plain text file in the Magellan-directory (file name is MIPlugin_Enemies.ini, each line a faction number), or from orders given to any unit (// EnemyFaction=abcd).
MapIcon Message At least one message from a unit in this region was detected.
MapIcon Fehler At least one error message or warning from the eressea-server was detected in this region.

Some examples:
MapIcon Example 1 Ooh, bad things. A battle in the mountain and now monsters with my ships!
(Yes, the monsters attacked in the mountain and moved into the plain...)
MapIcon Example 2 Thatīs so typical. My poor (low level) spy is catched by local thiefs and is going to die...
MapIcon Example 3 I must not forget to look into that region.... (was a disease here)
MapIcon Example 4 View of the known maximum levels of an small island - which kind of level and which island, is top secret.