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Extended Commands

Name: Extended Commands
Version: 1.0.beta
Description: Java scripts for units
Author: Thoralf Rickert
Download Bestandteil des Magellan Clients.

The Extended Commands (or ExtCmds, for short) are a plugin allowing you to automate your or units' orders (or "script" them). I resembles Vorlage, but there are two important differences: First, scripts are more focused on units. That is, you may chose a unit, write a script for it, and execute it later. Second, ExtCmds use JShell, so they are very Java-like. You can access all the functionality available to Magellan to analyze your report.

Extended Commands

Although the intention was to write scripts for singular units, you may also write a script for a so-called container. A container contains units and can be a region, a faction, a ship. You can also write your own global library that contains functions you can use in your other scripts.