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Alliance Plugin

Name: Alliance Plugin
Version: 0.1.alpha
Description: Server based management of alliance reports and commands
Author: Thoralf Rickert
Website: ?
Download: ???

This plugin makes it possible, that multiple factions can use on single report to manage commands ignoring any faction limits. So you can allow that one person manages one region or island alone and gives all commands for all allied factions in this region or island. The others merges your given commands to their own and send it to the Eressea server.

Attention: This plugin is a little bit in the grey zone of the rules of Eressea. Normally a person should only make commands for his/her own faction. The commands for every other faction in the alliance should be communicated via voice or mail. This plugin shorten this process 'a little bit'.

And this plugin is only really useful if you share your whole report with all other factions in the alliance. So, everybody sees everything. At the moment it is not possible to create a permission level for single factions. This feature is planned but it's not easy to develop. Only think about all the possible right levels for a single faction, island, region, unit. And you should be aware that all data from all reports uploaded to the server can be read by the owner of the server.